Psycho scene: video assignment

For this assignment bank activity, my roommate helped me reenact the famous bathroom scene from Psycho, however in our kitchen. We had a lot of fun with it, up until the knife accidentally grazed ┬áhis head and I ended the video. No injury was caused, but I was very much scared. Don’t play with knives, kids.

Movie mission: investigative reporting

For the movie project, my friends and I worked on an interview with a local Fredericksburg barber.

This was used for a video project for The Blue & Gray Press, UMW’s student newspaper, as well. I figured out a way to get it to work for both platform. Ethan, my spy character, is an investigative reporter looking to dig up information on a local barber. What better way to gain trust from someone than giving them your business and letting them cut your hair?

This was fairly easy to edit and put together and it was a lot of fun. I used equipment from the HCC and it was super easily to upload the content and edit on Final Cut Pro.

1-second video assignment

For the one-second video assignment, I took a quick video at track practice as we practiced going over steeplechase barriers. The hardest part of this was timing it to get what I needed in a one-second time frame. The other part was thinking of what I could tape for one second that could make for a good enough story.

Next mission: borderline stalking

A time-honored tradition at UMW is bench sitting. It’s the perfect cover for spying on your targets.

Your mission: post up on a bench on campus and record passer-bys until your target is spotted. Once spotted, track his or her moments to establish a daily routine for the agency to use to track and capture the target. Five minutes of following should be all you need to give a good enough idea of your targets movements.

Video quality is key, and please make sure the person you follow is indeed your target. That could get awkward for everyone.

Week 10 summary

Daily Creates:

“You Had One Job”

Chuck Berry tribute:

Assignment Bank:

3 stars: Personal Stories

World of Beer intern application

“Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” parody: 5 stars

James Bond won’t drink his water

What do you do? 4 stars

What do you do?-Assignment

Video show plan:

Video show plan

Video Essay:

Video essay: Kingsman Church Fight

Character interview

CLASSIFIED: Character Interview

CLASSIFIED: Character Interview

Below is my character interview. Here, I answer a series of questions from Director Burtis as I paint a picture of myself as a spy with my candid, totally unprepared answers to her…unique questions.

Video essay: Kingsman Church Fight

When I read the assignment description, I knew exactly which scene I wanted to use. Kingsman has been my go-to movie for just about everything in this class and that won’t change any time soon.

This scene put the movie over the top for me. As I was watching, I liked it but this scene blew me away. You can listen to my full analysis here:

Video show plan

For our video show, we plan to do much of the same from what we did during our radio show, in that we are going to base it largely off of spy movies.

In our radio show, we did matching games of spy songs and movies while spinning off into critiques of the movies and the impact the song choices had on them.

For our video, I think we plan to do similar stuff, but with more visual effects, rather than audio. We will discuss how the shooting of the movies, the colors, etc. impact the movie as a whole.

This is still tentative, as we are still in the brainstorming phases, but that seems to be the direction we are headed. As far as a trailer, we plan to use something that one of us made from the assignment bank. I used one with James Bond refusing to drink water, which would blend well into the theme of the show, but we have to wait and see what we decide upon.

What do you do?-Assignment

For this, the clear answer was to run. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past eight years. As a result, the video is a little shaky, but I like giving the viewer a perspective of what I do. I wanted to film while I was running so I was winded and such to add more effect of the activity.