Last week, I chose the topic of uncovering the mystery of who the double agent in ds106 is. For my final project, I went through posts from one of our classmates’ blogs to examine material that would raise flags. I used a software called Slidestory to create my work, and I was very excited with how easy it was to use and create. All I do is post photos and narrate over them, which is exactly what I had planned.


the website and software were being dumb and wouldn’t let me publish online, no matter what I did. There were not errors, according to the site. But WHATEVER IT’S FINE.

So what I resorted to was recording it on my phone and publishing it to Youtube. This clearly didn’t have the quality I would have liked, but you get the idea of what I was going for.


It’s been a great semester and I have learned a lot! Thanks for everything, Agent Bond.

Week 13: Final project plan

For my final project, I plan on going with Item 1:

Something is wrong in ds106! We have had several reports that there is a double-agent in our midst. Quite likely there is more than one. We must find out who they are before it’s too late. This may involve looking for clues and gathering evidence. It may also involve misinformation to keep the double agents from finding out that we’re on to them. You will have to figure out who can be trusted and who can’t.

For this, I plan on going through a lot of the ds106 assignments from the past semester and finding some nefarious characters. I plan on taking screenshots of the assignments that raise flags and putting them in a video narrating over it by making my case as to why this person is the double agent. I have a few culprits in mind, but don’t want to reveal any evidence yet.

Twitter poll:


Week 12 summary-mashups

Daily Creates:

Saying ‘thank you’ to something in the internet in different languages, so naturally, I thanked Google Translate.

Daily create 2

Will always take opportunities to bash the Bee Movie

Assignment bank posts:

I enjoyed making this one. Description below: 4 stars

I’m Ready For My Closeup

There’s a lot more that could be done with this one and I might tinker with it more later. 3 stars.

James Panther, or Pink Bond?

Is that James Bond coming out of James Bond’s shoulder? 5 stars

Movie poster mashup

Tutorial on Canva:

Canva tutorial

Canva tutorial

For my tutorial, I’m presenting how to use my go-to digital design platform; Canva.

Dubbed “the poor man’s Photoshop” (by me), Canva has many useful features and is easily accessible because it is done on the internet rather than an application. After you go to and login using Facebook or something, it’ll take you to the main page where from there you can select “create your own design” and get started. From there, you select the template, which doesn’t make a huge difference in the end except for the dimensions of the design. For the purpose of this tutorial, I picked the social media template.

More often than not in this class, you will be working with photos from outside of Canva that you want to edit or design with. To do this, just go to upload and select a photo from your computer.

The above picture is in the bottom left after you select uploads. To the right are some of my previous masterpieces.

After you’ve picked which picture to upload, you have a toolbar at the top that gives you different options to alter the picture. This is where the “poor man’s Photoshop” comes into play, but the simplicity of the site outweighs the lack of options it provides. Given time and proficiency, there is plenty that can be done with Canva.

After you’ve gotten your base picture down, you can add text if you would like. Canva gives you a lot of different text options to choose from, but only some of them are free, but still plenty to find what you need.

Another option you have is to add different elements, such as frames, icons or other graphics to the picture. This is where the creativity really comes in and some interesting material can be found, again, largely for free.

After you’ve done everything you want to do, choose download at the top of the screen to turn your creation into a JPEG, or whatever file you need. You can also share it directly onto social media from here.

Happy Canva-ing!

Week 11 summary: how is it already week 11?

Daily Creates:

“Huntsman spiders have evolved to travel through sewer lines and into homes”

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are all culminated in grades, especially  this time of year.

I did this one while listening to a Goonies song, so I clearly haven’t grown up at all.

Assignment bank:

1-second video assignment: 3 stars

1-second video assignment

bad movie review, tearing apart the Bee Movie: 5 stars

Video assignment: bad movie review

horror movie scene: 4 stars

Psycho scene: video assignment


Next mission: A nice UMW-specific assignment that could turn very creepy if not done right

Next mission: borderline stalking

ds106 movie assignment:

Movie mission: investigative reporting


Psycho scene: video assignment

For this assignment bank activity, my roommate helped me reenact the famous bathroom scene from Psycho, however in our kitchen. We had a lot of fun with it, up until the knife accidentally grazed  his head and I ended the video. No injury was caused, but I was very much scared. Don’t play with knives, kids.

Movie mission: investigative reporting

For the movie project, my friends and I worked on an interview with a local Fredericksburg barber.

This was used for a video project for The Blue & Gray Press, UMW’s student newspaper, as well. I figured out a way to get it to work for both platform. Ethan, my spy character, is an investigative reporter looking to dig up information on a local barber. What better way to gain trust from someone than giving them your business and letting them cut your hair?

This was fairly easy to edit and put together and it was a lot of fun. I used equipment from the HCC and it was super easily to upload the content and edit on Final Cut Pro.

1-second video assignment

For the one-second video assignment, I took a quick video at track practice as we practiced going over steeplechase barriers. The hardest part of this was timing it to get what I needed in a one-second time frame. The other part was thinking of what I could tape for one second that could make for a good enough story.

Next mission: borderline stalking

A time-honored tradition at UMW is bench sitting. It’s the perfect cover for spying on your targets.

Your mission: post up on a bench on campus and record passer-bys until your target is spotted. Once spotted, track his or her moments to establish a daily routine for the agency to use to track and capture the target. Five minutes of following should be all you need to give a good enough idea of your targets movements.

Video quality is key, and please make sure the person you follow is indeed your target. That could get awkward for everyone.