Week 10 summary

Daily Creates:

“You Had One Job”

Chuck Berry tribute:

Assignment Bank:

3 stars: Personal Stories

World of Beer intern application

“Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” parody: 5 stars

James Bond won’t drink his water

What do you do? 4 stars

What do you do?-Assignment

Video show plan:

Video show plan

Video Essay:

Video essay: Kingsman Church Fight

Character interview

CLASSIFIED: Character Interview

CLASSIFIED: Character Interview

Below is my character interview. Here, I answer a series of questions from Director Burtis as I paint a picture of myself as a spy with my candid, totally unprepared answers to her…unique questions.

Video essay: Kingsman Church Fight

When I read the assignment description, I knew exactly which scene I wanted to use. Kingsman has been my go-to movie for just about everything in this class and that won’t change any time soon.

This scene put the movie over the top for me. As I was watching, I liked it but this scene blew me away. You can listen to my full analysis here:

Video show plan

For our video show, we plan to do much of the same from what we did during our radio show, in that we are going to base it largely off of spy movies.

In our radio show, we did matching games of spy songs and movies while spinning off into critiques of the movies and the impact the song choices had on them.

For our video, I think we plan to do similar stuff, but with more visual effects, rather than audio. We will discuss how the shooting of the movies, the colors, etc. impact the movie as a whole.

This is still tentative, as we are still in the brainstorming phases, but that seems to be the direction we are headed. As far as a trailer, we plan to use something that one of us made from the assignment bank. I used one with James Bond refusing to drink water, which would blend well into the theme of the show, but we have to wait and see what we decide upon.

What do you do?-Assignment

For this, the clear answer was to run. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past eight years. As a result, the video is a little shaky, but I like giving the viewer a perspective of what I do. I wanted to film while I was running so I was winded and such to add more effect of the activity.

James Bond won’t drink his water

A struggling alcohol, James Bond, tries to make the transition into drinking more water.

This was really simple to do. I really wanted to implement the spy theme, and I had a water bottle with me, so the inspiration came pretty easy. I just recorded from my phone on the computer I was using, so it’s not so believable, but gets the point across.

World of Beer intern application

So over the weekend, I worked on a video that conveniently lined up with the requirements of this assignments. The internship is for World of Beer, which hires four interns every year to travel the world over the summer so blog and tweet about their beer-drinking experiences.

Naturally, I felt my calling with this one. Part of the application process is to make a short introduction video for yourself and why you’d be a good fit. So, this is what I came up with. I used Final Cut Pro, which is a great program. I checked out the equipment from the HCC, which was a fairly painless process.

Week 9 Summary

Best of ds106 showcase:

There was so much work to go through. I wish I could have spent more time going through these, or a more organized ¬†way of finding specific assignments, but I feel like there are just so many sites being utilized for this class, it’s easy to get lost in the web and mixed up along the way, especially since everyone’s blogs look very different.

Best of ds106 showcase

Radio reflection:

Radio show reflection


4 1/2 stars


3 1/2 stars

Digital tool tutorial: Canva

Stepworks Story:

Stepworks story: Pulp Fiction

Daily creates:

I love sports, and 1900 was a big year in sports, with the second every modern Olympics. It’s amazing to see the difference between now and then.

Where I saw “escape the internet” I immediately thought of leaving the electronic world, and what better way with a book? I guess I interpreted the word “escape” or “exit” a little differently than everyone else.

Connected Daily Creates:

To be honest, I didn’t think of connected them when I made them, but I came up with something that I think makes sense is is slightly humorous.

Connected Daily Creates

Radio show reflection

The more shows I listen to, the more I realize how different our show was from everyone else’s. I guess that can be a good thing, but it worries me that we were thinking down a completely different path than everyone else.

This is an example of one of those shows, and it was really well done. First, I love the name “Cloak and Dagger,” really fitting into the spy theme. The sounds used and crisp and clear and the first commercial “Ask Nancy” is hilarious.

Daniel has a really easy voice to listen to and sounded very experienced while doing the show. Around the 13 minutes mark, he made a blow sound and rattling of paper, and it was so clear and I felt like I was there.

But, the show did go on for a long time. I wish the other members of the group had talked more early on before I began losing interest. It was hard for me to stay engaged the entire time while listening to one voice for the majority of it.


Best of ds106 showcase

There has been a lot of good work being done so far by the class. It kind of makes me feel bad about my work (not really) but still really good.

This one called “Spy Phone Conversation” by Daniel Hawkins is great. It’s really simple and well done. My only wish is that it was a little bit longer and gave a little more hints as to what it’s talking about, but the aesthetic of it is great. The altered voice is so well done.

This one is HILARIOUS. The Spymate radio commercial is an awesome idea, making it a Farmer’s Only commercial for spies. The kissing sounds in the background were also hilarious, but it took be a little bit to figure out what it was. I would have suggested some cliche “love making music” at the beginning and then transitioning into the kissing sounds, as if a couple were setting the mood and then getting “busy.”

The other one I really liked was the Spy Mashup by Taylor. I attempted a mashup of spy songs earlier in the semester and it was nice to see a mashup that didn’t suck like mine. It was a really well done piece, and I could hardly tell it was mashed up. Nice job.

Spy Mashup