Thoughts of the class theme: TOP SECRET

I’ve never been in a class with a theme, but I’ve never bee in an online class either so I guess it comes with the territory. With the last name of Bond, I’m surprised Professor Bond hasn’t already used this theme before and channeled his inner James.

I’m not a huge secret agent movie fan. Action movies have too many car chances and explosions for me. My favorite, however, is a relatively new secret agent movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service. Starring Taron Edgerton, Colin Firth, and Samuel L. Jackson, it’s a great cast with a unique take on the idea of secret agents. The filming is much easier to follow than traditional action films.

If that movie could get me interested in action spy movies, than I can get behind the theme for the class. In high school, I worked on our yearbook, which of course had a new theme every year. We practiced ways to incorporate the theme into the pages of the book, so I understand the practice of incorporating a theme and am looking forward to the creative freedom that will come with it.

I like using cliches just for the sake of using cliches. I find a humorous irony to using them on purpose, and I feel like there are many cliches derived from spy movies. When I think of spy movies, I think also of a lot of creative visuals that are associated with it, such as explosions, color themes (red and black), sunglasses and suits, all that jazz.

With a picture of it in my head, I can see how this theme can be pulled into my online presence. Whether or not I successfully implement those ideas is a completely different discussion. For that, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Reading summary: a “listicle” I actually loved

By Chris Markham

I’m a journalism guy. It’s my major and it’s one of the things I would like to do with my career. As it relates to sports, I want to write articles and tell stories about athletes, games, teams, etc. I have a fine appreciation for articles and journalism as a whole.

My first thought when I opened this was “Oh God, another listicle. If this is Buzzfeed, I swear.” Although this was a “listicle,” I loved it a lot. I love pieces that drive home a point and are motivational or inspiring in a way. Buzzfeed talks about cats and Park and Rec.

One of the points that Kleon makes that stuck with me the most is “Teach what you know.” I’ve always been a fan of giving back, and other than being a sports journalist, I would also love to be a coach. I know the sport of track and field, I’ve done it for a long time. To teach young people what I have gained through my experiences would be the privilege of a lifetime. I think Kleon is also referring to teach from the heart. If you know something and know it well, then it is most likely a passion of yours. If you aren’t passionate about something, then those you are teaching would become disinterested or resentful of the subject.

Another one I LOVED was “Learn to take a punch.” I think people my age right now are way too tin-skinned and expect the world to fall into their perfect image of it. On this day, the inauguration of Donald Trump as our President, that idea is on display more than ever. While I am no Donald Trump supporter, I think it’s important to accept what we cannot control and adapt to it. Taking punches is more important than avoiding them. That is how we grow and learn in life.

The last one that hit home to me was actually the last one, “Stick around.” This made me think of a quote from The Office, “You don’t know you’re in the good ole’ days until you’ve left them.” Sticking around, whether it be a job, a team, a friend group, what have you, allows you to build a legacy, make memories, and develop relations. There were times where I thought about leaving the cross country and track team at UMW, but I didn’t because I thought of the regret I would feel if I reached senior year and wasn’t a part of that family any more. Finishing anything you start is so important. It weeds out bad habits and develops good ones.

I really enjoyed this article and plan to use elements of it in my daily life and for this class. I was surprised by the simplicity of the topics but also how well it relates to the work we will be doing for this class.

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

I’m excited for a semester of learning this ins and outs of digital design and interaction. ¬†We’ll see how this goes! Here are some of my first works for the class. Everything here is brand new to me, except for Twitter. I think I’m alright at Twitter.

From Flickr, a picture from an indoor track meet at CNU my sophomore year. I was running the 1200-meter leg of the Distance Medley Relay.


My (first) Youtube video: a quick tour of my room at my off-campus house near campus.

The first song I liked on Soundcloud (I wish this was longer, I really like it):


Tweet #9,665. S/O to Danny Reed for the like and Kevin Hogdson for the follow. I say “rediscover myself” because I feel like I will find a new online identity over the course of this semester.