Advice for future agents

This was my first and only online class I have ever taken or will ever take. While I did enjoy my time, it wasn’t the experience I was necessarily looking for. To learn a lot in this online class, you need to make sure you are self-motivated enough to put in the time to read the article and do the work. Many times, I did the work just to do it and not create something I was necessarily proud of. I know we’re all busy, but if you get in a routine at the beginning of the semester where you devote 2 hours just a few days a week to this class, you will succeed so well.

Also, I recommend taking advantage of the resources on campus, particularly in the HCC. I know it sounds like work to go rent out equipment or actually talk to people, but the Digital Knowledge center saved  my ass on many occasions and the equipment you rent out is much better than your phone.

Bottom line is this: enjoy the class, establish a routine, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

May the Force be with you (assuming Star Wars is your next theme for the class).