Last week, I chose the topic of uncovering the mystery of who the double agent in ds106 is. For my final project, I went through posts from one of our classmates’ blogs to examine material that would raise flags. I used a software called Slidestory to create my work, and I was very excited with how easy it was to use and create. All I do is post photos and narrate over them, which is exactly what I had planned.


the website and software were being dumb and wouldn’t let me publish online, no matter what I did. There were not errors, according to the site. But WHATEVER IT’S FINE.

So what I resorted to was recording it on my phone and publishing it to Youtube. This clearly didn’t have the quality I would have liked, but you get the idea of what I was going for.


It’s been a great semester and I have learned a lot! Thanks for everything, Agent Bond.