Canva tutorial

For my tutorial, I’m presenting how to use my go-to digital design platform; Canva.

Dubbed “the poor man’s Photoshop” (by me), Canva has many useful features and is easily accessible because it is done on the internet rather than an application. After you go to and login using Facebook or something, it’ll take you to the main page where from there you can select “create your own design” and get started. From there, you select the template, which doesn’t make a huge difference in the end except for the dimensions of the design. For the purpose of this tutorial, I picked the social media template.

More often than not in this class, you will be working with photos from outside of Canva that you want to edit or design with. To do this, just go to upload and select a photo from your computer.

The above picture is in the bottom left after you select uploads. To the right are some of my previous masterpieces.

After you’ve picked which picture to upload, you have a toolbar at the top that gives you different options to alter the picture. This is where the “poor man’s Photoshop” comes into play, but the simplicity of the site outweighs the lack of options it provides. Given time and proficiency, there is plenty that can be done with Canva.

After you’ve gotten your base picture down, you can add text if you would like. Canva gives you a lot of different text options to choose from, but only some of them are free, but still plenty to find what you need.

Another option you have is to add different elements, such as frames, icons or other graphics to the picture. This is where the creativity really comes in and some interesting material can be found, again, largely for free.

After you’ve done everything you want to do, choose download at the top of the screen to turn your creation into a JPEG, or whatever file you need. You can also share it directly onto social media from here.

Happy Canva-ing!