Psycho scene: video assignment

For this assignment bank activity, my roommate helped me reenact the famous bathroom scene from Psycho, however in our kitchen. We had a lot of fun with it, up until the knife accidentally grazed ┬áhis head and I ended the video. No injury was caused, but I was very much scared. Don’t play with knives, kids.

1-second video assignment

For the one-second video assignment, I took a quick video at track practice as we practiced going over steeplechase barriers. The hardest part of this was timing it to get what I needed in a one-second time frame. The other part was thinking of what I could tape for one second that could make for a good enough story.

What do you do?-Assignment

For this, the clear answer was to run. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past eight years. As a result, the video is a little shaky, but I like giving the viewer a perspective of what I do. I wanted to film while I was running so I was winded and such to add more effect of the activity.

James Bond won’t drink his water

A struggling alcohol, James Bond, tries to make the transition into drinking more water.

This was really simple to do. I really wanted to implement the spy theme, and I had a water bottle with me, so the inspiration came pretty easy. I just recorded from my phone on the computer I was using, so it’s not so believable, but gets the point across.

World of Beer intern application

So over the weekend, I worked on a video that conveniently lined up with the requirements of this assignments. The internship is for World of Beer, which hires four interns every year to travel the world over the summer so blog and tweet about their beer-drinking experiences.

Naturally, I felt my calling with this one. Part of the application process is to make a short introduction video for yourself and why you’d be a good fit. So, this is what I came up with. I used Final Cut Pro, which is a great program. I checked out the equipment from the HCC, which was a fairly painless process.