Week 13: Final project plan

For my final project, I plan on going with Item 1:

Something is wrong in ds106! We have had several reports that there is a double-agent in our midst. Quite likely there is more than one. We must find out who they are before it’s too late. This may involve looking for clues and gathering evidence. It may also involve misinformation to keep the double agents from finding out that we’re on to them. You will have to figure out who can be trusted and who can’t.

For this, I plan on going through a lot of the ds106 assignments from the past semester and finding some nefarious characters. I plan on taking screenshots of the assignments that raise flags and putting them in a video narrating over it by making my case as to why this person is the double agent. I have a few culprits in mind, but don’t want to reveal any evidence yet.

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