Week 11 summary: how is it already week 11?

Daily Creates:

“Huntsman spiders have evolved to travel through sewer lines and into homes”

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are all culminated in grades, especially  this time of year.

I did this one while listening to a Goonies song, so I clearly haven’t grown up at all.

Assignment bank:

1-second video assignment: 3 stars

1-second video assignment

bad movie review, tearing apart the Bee Movie: 5 stars

Video assignment: bad movie review

horror movie scene: 4 stars

Psycho scene: video assignment


Next mission: A nice UMW-specific assignment that could turn very creepy if not done right

Next mission: borderline stalking

ds106 movie assignment:

Movie mission: investigative reporting


Week 10 summary

Daily Creates:

“You Had One Job”

Chuck Berry tribute:

Assignment Bank:

3 stars: Personal Stories

World of Beer intern application

“Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” parody: 5 stars

James Bond won’t drink his water

What do you do? 4 stars

What do you do?-Assignment

Video show plan:

Video show plan

Video Essay:

Video essay: Kingsman Church Fight

Character interview

CLASSIFIED: Character Interview

Week 3 summary: Writing is fun

Daily Create Tweets:

I walked around my house for all of 20 seconds looking for motivation for this picture. I knew this find would come in handy one day.

I’ve actually had this idea for a while. I’m just glad I could express it in a judgement free zone for once.

I got lucky here with a good name generator and the perfect gif.

Kingsman: The Secretly Great Movie

I didn’t even realize what made this movie so good until I got this assignment and really began thinking about it and writing it down. I think I had a deeper appreciation for the movie after having written this blog post.

Kurt Vonnegut: please be my dad

“Ahh here we go with another old guy giving a lecture on something lame.” *4 minutes later* “This guys is a genius!”

Alternative story line: Spy Step-Kids

I picked an easy story to roll with, started with the Parent Trap theme, and my mind went from there. I stopped just short of a weird porno, which I think is fitting for this early 2000’s classic (albeit a terrible trilogy).

Writing is one of my strong points and I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments. Fiction, however, is not my strong suit. Making the character dossier and writing the alternative story lines were struggles, but ultimately were finished and I think were relatively good. The daily creates are actually a lot of fun and I love seeing other peoples’ work.





Week 1 Summary: So. Many. Passwords.

I’ve always had difficult with Google, in the sense that it is so integrated into everything on your computer. I use Google for other roles in my life as well. For example, I am the editor of the school newspaper and have two Gmail accounts associated to it, so adding a third was not a simple task. But once I got through the barrier of setting up my different accounts for the platforms I wasn’t already familiar with, the rest was pretty simple and fun. I already begin to feel as though I have an identity on my social media platforms.

Below are my WordPress blog posts so far. Setting up my domain was probably the hardest part of the week. When I first tried, it appeared as though my past self already made a domain, but I didn’t remember it. Eager, excited, freshman year Chris probably jumped on it and never returned. But after a while of fiddling, I went to the DKC and they set me up in a flash. I left very confident and with the world making much more sense. I’ll definitely be going back throughout the semester.

Thoughts of the class theme: TOP SECRET

Reading summary: a “listicle” I actually loved

Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

Below are the different media that I created this week. Some of these were a piece of cake and others were very foreign and probably not very good. I’m hoping that by the end of the semester I can close that gap by a lot.

For this Flickr post, I chose one of my favorite pictures on my computer. Not only do I look fast as hell (which I’m not), but it’s a pretty solid representation of my running career. I’m holding a baton, which means a relay, which means teammates. I’ve always seen running as a team sport, even though it’s not and this idea is very important to me. This was also during my sophomore year, which was the peak of my college running career.


Next is my YouTube video. With my lack of digital skill and available resources, I decided to do something simple. I wanted to give the ds106 folks a look into my personality and decided to give a tour of my room, which accomplishes just that. I started by laying on my bed to show off my laid back personality. Some of my most prized possessions were shown off in the video and give a good glimpse of who I am.

My first Soundcloud “like” was a song that really caught my attention. I started by scrolling through my favorite genre, indie rock. The title of the song, “idk love,” caught my attention because of it’s informal and simple nature. It had a nice beat to it and was really catchy, I just wish it was longer because it ended very quickly.

Twitter, as opposed to the other media above, is something I am very adept to and enjoy a lot. I’ve tweeted almost 10,000 times, which honestly sickens me, but that also means I have a certain identity on Twitter. Therefore, I wanted to give my audience a heads up that for the semester, I would be using my Twitter for my class.  Yes, there’s a typo, and I left it on purpose because I’m notorious for having typos in my Tweets. I normally delete them, but I’ll let this one stay. I say “rediscover myself” because I want to hopefully find a stronger online identity by the end of the semester.

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this assignment, once I got through the mucky part of actually setting up the accounts. Hopefully my work becomes more flashy and creative as we go along and tie into the theme more. With my handy notebook of passwords and usernames at my side, the mission should be swiftly executed.