Contradiction Creation-I freaking love these

These things are so funny and perfect. I hate the cheesy photo with some inspirational quote, so the first person to create satire off of it is my hero. For this, it was really easy. I just found a basic nature picture on creative commons and thought of a funny quote I saw the other day. I love this project because at first glance, your mind goes one direction and then the quote yanks it in a different direction.

But for real, SHOULD vegetarians eat animal crackers? Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

2 Replies to “Contradiction Creation-I freaking love these”

  1. The blue of the lettering makes for a good contrast to the background. But why that typeface? The thinness of the letters inhibits the legibility.

  2. I love the humorous approach to this but I would agree it looks good color wise but if you had not included the bigger picture I would not have been able to read it.

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