I’m rather proud of this one (Warning: may threaten your masculinity)

This one wasn’t easy, despite having only two stars. Finding the right photo was hard enough, but finding a good quote was even tougher. Even though it’s not a very well known spy movie, the movie “Spy” (clever name) had the best quote I could find, which came from Melissa McCarthy. I chose my favorite spy character, Eggsy from “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and a spy to attribute it to that wasn’t James Bond, because that’s too predictable.

I chose Canva as my source of putting the text on the picture. It’s a very easy website to use with a lot of creative options for free and works well for the technologically challenged, such as myself. Once I found the pieces I wanted to use, the actual creation of the graphic was easy and fun. Choosing a font that was fancy to contrast the vulgar quote was 100 percent by design, and I’m proud of that. Why the quote itself may not be common-place in the spy community, I hope that one day this graphic will help bring to it the attention it deserves.

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