Radio show ideas: anything sports related

This is actually kind of convenient because I do a radio show at UMW with someone else in the ds106 class, Mikey Barnes. We do a sports talk show called Mike & (not) Mike, to play off of ESPN’s famous Mike & Mike in the Morning. It’s been fairly successful and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. Sports is something I’m really comfortable with and can talk about forever, so it’d be hard to see myself doing much else.

To fit the theme of the class, however, I’m thinking of either a radio show playing cliche spy movie background music, like that Opera stuff (That just reminded me of the end to Get Smart with Steve Carrell. That was a great movie). Or, there could be a normal-sounding radio show with clues and hints encrypted in our dialogue or songs.

If I could pick, I would choose sports with some spy themes thrown into it somehow. I’m not sure exactly how that would work, but that’s what I would be most comfortable with. Maybe have an athlete that we spy on in their daily life. I’m just spouting off the top of my head now. But there are some ideas.

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