Video show plan

For our video show, we plan to do much of the same from what we did during our radio show, in that we are going to base it largely off of spy movies.

In our radio show, we did matching games of spy songs and movies while spinning off into critiques of the movies and the impact the song choices had on them.

For our video, I think we plan to do similar stuff, but with more visual effects, rather than audio. We will discuss how the shooting of the movies, the colors, etc. impact the movie as a whole.

This is still tentative, as we are still in the brainstorming phases, but that seems to be the direction we are headed. As far as a trailer, we plan to use something that one of us made from the assignment bank. I used one with James Bond refusing to drink water, which would blend well into the theme of the show, but we have to wait and see what we decide upon.

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